STEAMVILLE is an upcoming puzzle adventure game by Telehorse. It takes place in the same steampunk universeas our award-winning Steampunker. Once again we meet Vincent, our Steampunker hero, who engages in combat in the town of Steamville, fighting evil robots from outer space. Vincent’s only weapon are small electro-bombs. Such a bomb cannot destroy the robot. It can shock him for a while, lure him or turn on a mechanism which opens a gate or a bridge and allows Vincent to move further. Vincent has to walk through Steamville’s streets, choosing his route very carefully, so that the robot chasing him is destroyed when it hits upon a high-voltage electrical device. The difficulty level varies a lot. The task seems fairly easy in the first scene. Once you progress further, you need to try much harder to make various walking and flying robots hit straight upon a giant Tesla coil.

Steamville is being developed for iOS mobile devices, however, we intend to launch both iOS and Android versions simultaneously. The game consist of 4 chapters, 8 scenes each.

• 4 chapters, 8 scenes in each chapter
• beautiful Steampunk graphics
• original music by Silver Rocket

Platforms and planned release dates
iOS & Android: Q4 2015